Play Dress Up – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

11 Mar

Perhaps one of the most wonderful things in the world to bless our ears is the band Journey.  Before Don’t Stop Believin’ became a bar anthem, I was into them since I was a kid.  Many would disagree with me, but I strongly believe Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) is the best song they ever produced.  If that wasn’t enough, they also gave us the great gift of the music video.  These boys were definitely made for radio, but this video lends itself to some pretty inspired fashion….starting with the white pumps, pumps, pumps.

On a fateful St. Patrick’s Day weekend a few years ago, my girls and I discovered the Journey Greatest Hits 1978-1997 DVD in the strangest of places.  The minute we hit play it was pure magic.   Mostly we could not get over the Separate Ways video — what?  Foosball sweatshirt, heavy machinery, Casios on the wall and WHITE pumps. Classic.

Sources: 1. White pumps; 2. Jean Jacket Blazer; 3. Pink Mustache; 4. Keyboard necklace; 5. Geometric Dress; 6. Yellow purse


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