Virtual Bookshelf – The Nook

11 Mar

Moving into a smaller home caused a literary catastrophe – I have no place to display my library, and I can’t even think of losing my mind the next time we’re in Portland at Powell’s Books.  I have fantasies of my own library with dark wood and a ladder…..until then I got a new toy to enjoy in 1350 sq ft – the NOOK from Barnes & Noble.  I’ve been checking out books from the local library, but traveling with a hefty hardcover is unappealing and tiring even to think about.  Plus I have to be honest — I often fall asleep while reading and have nearly concussed myself with fat hardcovers.

The device is light-weight, comfortable and adorable.  Many of the titles are offered as a free sample first – giving you the first 20 or so pages to peruse before you buy.  The monthly subscription fees for eMagazines and eNewspapers are reasonable (not many titles are available yet).  The New Yorker for only $2.99!  The cartoons are crisp and clear – just like the magazine.

On the downside the screen goes black when loading the next page, but your eyes easily adjust.  Also you’ll find that the free and cheap eBooks available are either classics and steamy romance novels…I mean steamy…even the descriptions are graphic and…let’s say… titillating.

I think my nook deserves to be wrapped in this luxury – Kate Spade Jane Street Cover.

She kept her nose in a book….and her head in the clouds.


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