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It’s in the bag…

29 Jul

Goodness gracious…what an amazing clutch from Alexander McQueen – the Knuckle DusterLuckily there is still one left at Zappos in dark brown.  If only I had $1,979 $2,145.00 to spare, but the bright side is overnight shipping is free!

I think I’ll stick to what’s reasonable for my budget and fully supports my pockets mantra – why have only one pocket when you can have many?


Pocket Dreams

28 Jul

Oh little eggshell planter you are so beautiful and delicate.

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Optimizing Space: Pocket Doors

27 Jul

The hubby and I celebrated a family birthday in Paso Robles, CA wine country a few weeks ago (and a surprise engagement — congrats Sara and Kyle!).  We belong to Zenaida Cellars’ wine club and cashed in a free night stay we received as part of our membership.

We spent the weekend in the Cellarmaster’s Suite – a one-room loft overlooking the wine cellar.  Not only was the room romantic, but was also decked out in sustainable products from the floors to the linens.  It was unbelievably comfortable, and the layout efficiently used the space.

Of course I was inspired by the pocket door between the spa-like bathroom and rest of the suite.  With a skylight in the ceiling of the bathroom and gorgeous decor, it was lovely to have the door open and enjoy the whole of the loft.

A pocket door is a sliding door that slides along its length and disappears when open into a compartment in the adjacent wall.  These doors serve two purposes: 1. as a way to save room and 2. architectural effect.  In terms of space saving, an average of ten square feet of floor space is added to a room when pocket doors are installed.

In Victorian homes pocket doors were common, closing off areas such as sitting room or dens.  Architecture has changed quite a bit since then as well as house aesthetics, but a pocket door can always be in style from a Japanese-inspired patio or sealing off a galley kitchen.

Check out Zenaida for yourself – the Jollys recommend Force de Fleurs, Wanderlust and Beekeeper.

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