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Pocket Dreams

29 Aug

Living in the South Bay is amazing for a number of reasons – one major one is the weather.  The summer is sunny and mild, but this girl misses rainy, cool days — bring on the fall!

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Pocketology – State Pocket Tees

9 Aug

Today I read an interesting post on the Fossil.Life.Style blog where the blogger for Where the Lovely Things Are was interviewed last week.  My Google Reader (my life-line to the world of current events, craft, design and pop culture) is packed with blogs I found by going down the link rabbit hole to get inspiration and ideas from other folks.

To my surprise I found the most amazing t-shirts profiled on Where the Lovely Things Are created by Prismatic Therapy and sold on Etsy.  Not only are these pockets clever, but also functional (come on who wants a decorative pocket?  Not this girl.)

I’m torn between my home state of New York and adopted new home of Cali.

Pocket Dreams

8 Aug

The power of a Sharpie…

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Pocketology – Biscuit Pocket Mug

3 Aug

I need to eat a biscuit a day to warrant having this mug….or I need to be British so I don’t look like a poser.  Unfortunately I haven’t found a oatmeal or bagel pocket mug yet.  Get your own pocket mug here.

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