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Play Dress Up: Royal Wedding

28 Apr

It’s a fact – I am on the Royal Wedding Bandwagon.  Even tomboys had a dream of being a princess at one point in their lives.

My Momma keeps reminding me how cutting edge she was with her besties at my wedding last June.  Momma’s amazing British friend, Jan, brought fascinators from England for the two of them and their other bestie Marcia.

Here’s a peek of my pretty Momma and awesome cousin Kathy.

It’s a tough photo to see the real effect, but I’ve asked Marcia for some other shots to include in a later post!  Stay tuned….

Fancy making yourself your own fascinator?  Check out this tutorial from P.S. I Made This.

Here are some of my faves from around the interwebs:

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Cheersies! – “Margadita” from Dita Von Teese

27 Apr

The gorgeous Queen of Burlesque Dita Von Teese is the spokeswoman for Cointreau – I simply know it’s a liqueur and is mostly used in margaritas.

Today she tweeted a new twist on the classic margarita…the Margadita.

The Cointreau MargaDita
1.5 oz Cointreau
1.5 oz Silver Tequila
1 oz Fresh Lime Juice
1/2 oz Monin Rose Syrup
1 pinch Chipotle Spice

Dita Von Teese Launches the MargaDita

For the sake of transparency, medium salsa gives me the sweats, BUT I could make a batch of this and add in the pinch of chipotle for the girlies who need some spice in their life.

Find out more about Dita and Cointreau here.

NOTE: “Cheersies!” will be a recurring series of posts here at Ginger Jolly inspired by my girls Cinnamon and Mama Wants.

Knitting Ninjas

26 Apr

Mental_Floss is a fantastic publication that publishes great bits of whimsy and factoids that could keep you occupied for hours on end.

While enjoying my first cup of coffee, I read “Watercooler Ammo” that is delivered to my email each day.  Today’s topic involved “guerrilla knitting” – what a magical form of graffiti!

I can already picture my crafty Kindred Sister being a Knitting Ninja in the cover of darkness!

Guerillas in the Midst.

Knitted tree

Knitted bus and street

Cross Stitched Wall Art

22 Apr

Crazy Cross Stitch or Glorious Granny Chic Wall Art? | Apartment Therapy Chicago.


Wowser — how incredible is this artwork?  I love the idea of drawing cross-stitched images.

Welcome to a World of Whimsy

21 Apr

Here we are to introduce you to what my friend Cinnamon calls a bubbly, happy world of all things cocktail and craft.

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