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Out and About: Willow Glen’s Ladies’ Night Out

31 May

Nate and I live in an adorable neighborhood in San Jose called Willow Glen.  It’s exactly all the things I loved about living in Arlington – you can walk to great boutiques, restaurants and frozen yogurt.  All things every girl needs!

This past Thursday Cinnamon, Shannon, Hillary and I went to Ladies’ Night Out.  Select salons, bars, restaurants and shops had a variety of deals just for the girls.  It’s a great opportunity to check out some places we hadn’t been and score some deals at our favorite places.

After enjoying some pink champagne at home, we walked to our first spot on the tour – La Concha Spa Salon.  The salon was offering either a complimentary 15-minute massage or 15-minute facial.  All three of us opted for the massage, and I am so glad we did.  Orelia worked out a number of knots in my back in just 15 minutes – I can only imagine what she could do in an hour.  Here you can see just how relaxed Shannon and Amanda are!

When we walked out we had an awesome surprise: a dog parade! Alright it was just a group of people taking their pooches out, but a pretty great thought.

Unfortunately Hillary was stuck on the train and couldn’t meet us right away so we did what any good friends would do…we went for 2 for 1 cocktails.  Off to Goosetown we went.

This is certainly a place that what you see is what you get – a perfect dive bar.  When we asked for our cocktails the bartender said he could only give us six.  Wow what an offer, huh?  We simplified it a bit asking for just three drinks in pint glasses.

Next up we made our way down Lincoln Ave for some shopping.  We popped in to Willow Glen Home & Garden.  It’s a great furniture store with interesting design vignettes.  Although some of the items are a bit out of my budget, they do provide inspiration…especially if you’re in need of oompa loompa angels….

Seriously there are some incredible ideas here — how amazing would this chandelier be in a kitchen…

My absolute favorite store on Lincoln is Magpie — I could just move in there and live forever.  First of all I want a circus theme in one of my rooms.

We had some fun with tiaras as well…

Unfortunately we weren’t able to take advantage of Barbarella Beauty’s eyebrow special, but there were plenty of headbands to try on.

To end the night on a high note, we stopped for a late dinner at Vin Santo.  Delish!  We all had either gnocchi or ravioli (full disclosure: I had both!) and finished off with chocolate fondue.  It was all topped off with a great red wine that we negotiated for half price – it’s the power of Ladies’ Night!

Thanks for bearing through this photo-heavy post, but it was totally worth it, right?

Here’s a peek at the deals I picked up at Bella James and Ibiss. The polka-dot dress is from Bella James – not only on the sale rack, but they also had 15 percent savings.  It will be perfect for our Vegas getaway this weekend for our 1 Year Anniversary!  I also snagged this sailor-inspired belt and blue-green bauble necklace at Ibiss for a song.

I like the idea of posting our adventures in San Jose to entice more of you to make the plunge and come here NOW!  How can you beat this lifestyle?




Garden Glory: Backyard BBQ

30 May

It’s officially Barbeque Season – Memorial Day kicked it off.

We still have a few more steps to get our garden in tip-top condition, including adding bark along the edges and nursing my prematurely purchased flowers back to health.

What a delicious spread Nate grilled up, washing it down with a cold Pacifico…

I also hung up my globe string lights.  To me these lights are quintessential California.


Play Dress Up: My Post-Apocalyptic Wish List

25 May

Thoughts of the Rapture on Saturday had me think of what I would need to survive – of course this is all rather superficial because I would certainly need electricity and some other creature comforts.  Please….I always need to blow dry my hair…always.  Now that we have until October I’m feeling a bit better about procuring items on my list.

First off I need a satchel to carry my loot with me.  Since I have a passion for pockets, this Fossil Bag is a must, must have.  If zombies or other predators were to attack or be on the prowl, I chose gray for urban camouflage (plus it goes with everything!).

My favorite leggings are Simply Vera from Kohls – for the low, low price of $20 you get full coverage leggings — not the see-through and expose your gotchies type.  They are breathable and comfy in the event you’re on your feet a lot.

To stay speedy and cute, everyone should own my favorite pair of Keds.

During these times of uncertainty we may need to pack light so here we can combine two of my faves…chunky necklaces and scarves.

If you need to make a quick getaway I recommend my fab beach cruiser — be sure to get a basket to hold your treasures though!

Don’t forget to write down all your thoughts for when the world is repopulated and they find your journal.

Come on, if we’re gonna go, we might as well go in style.

…I also recommend chapstick and sunblock…

1. Fossil Vintage Reissue Tote 2. Simply Vera Wang Solid Leggings 3. Keds Champion Canvas Originals 4. Anthropologie Voluminous Scarf Necklace 5. Six Three Zero Classic Edition Women’s 3-Speed 6. Paper Source Bicycle Spiral Notebook

Play Dress Up: Outdoor Festival Season

17 May

This past weekend the Jollys went to the 15th Annual Legendary Boonville Beer Fest at the Mendocino Country Fairgrounds.

We celebrated this day of Hops, Hippies and Hipsters with Ben, Pedro and Leigh-Ann.  The temperature was not warm and sunny like you would expect for this time of year in Northern California.  It was essential to layer and layer and layer. To keep some style while staying toasty…here’s what I came up with.

Ok granted you can’t see just how cute my outfit was, but….it was essential to stay warm and dry, but comfy.  There was a lot of walking and spilled beer!

I wore my favorite pair of black leggings with a navy tunic and orange cardigan (unseen!).  Of course I had to throw on a fleece with my favorite pashmina and Fossil sling bag I use when I’m out and about.  The boots I have on are from Kohls — I love them so much I’ve tried to buy another pair just in case with no luck!

Here’s the Hubs and I loving beer.  This is when I was savoring a secret pour from North Coast of Le Merle.  Run don’t walk to find this effervescent gem of a brew.

Leigh-Ann visited from Washington, DC and I miss her oh-so-much!  What I love about my Plus One is that she will do anything…like taking a picture in a bear’s legs….

See that gorgeous headband she’s wearing?  I picked that up for her birthday at a car wash boutique in Campbell, CA of all places! Yes a car wash boutique — the Delta Queen — seriously check this joint out.

I’m looking forward to the summer full of outdoor of activities!

I also want to give a shout-out to my beautiful Kindred Sister – Mo – who ran the 12K Bay to Breakers on Sunday!  Way to go – I’m SO, SO proud of you!

Color Splash: A Rainbow of Spray Paint

11 May

Although I am not a spray paint aficionado, I am dying to be one.  Have you seen the aisle at Lowe’s with all the possibilities???

Today I learned from Vintage Revivals that there are more colors than available in stores from Krylon.

I decided to check out the swatches to see what I could potentially fall in love with and wowser check this out:

Global Blue – say what?  That satisfies my current obsession with navy with a different shade.

Curious about the wonders of spray paint?  Check out the Krylon site for yourself.  The Color Center is neat with a variety of color combinations, families and trends.

Happy Anniversary Momma and Daddy!

4 May

Today my parents celebrate their 43rd Wedding Anniversary!

This photo is from their honeymoon in the Poconos those many moons ago.

Aren’t they just dashing and hip?  Is it crazy that I love cropped pants and Keds too like my Momma?

My brother Brian and I are the luckiest kids in the world to have these parents.  They are even more amazing grandparents to Pete and Tess.  Honestly I think everyone is blessed to have them in their lives — Mom and Dad are a couple of characters who would give their family and friends the moon and stars and planets if they could.  The best lesson we were taught by them was generosity.

Cheers to another lifetime of Love and Happiness!



Garden Glory – Repurposed Planters

4 May

Last month I came across a post from the blog Poppytalk about Garden Inspiration.  I get a number of great ideas from this site – this post was a call to action for me because of this image from Potted:

For $69.00 you can order a Potted Tackle Box Planter with succulents.

I had a similar idea that I’ve been putting off for a few weeks now.  Nate was given his Grandpa Jolly’s old tool box along with a larger, newer one that is perfect for our garage.  We weren’t quite sure what to do with it in the meantime, but couldn’t bear to throw it away.

The plan is to spruce it up with some paprika-colored spray paint and plant some gorgeous blossoms in it, giving an old piece with a lot of sentimental value new life.

Harper says to stay tuned for the result!

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