Play Dress Up – To Maxi or Not to Maxi

3 May

Frankly I do not believe I was meant for a maxi dress and it disappoints me so.  I have friends that look gorgeous in them and I look like I’m wearing a grandma’s housecoat or mumu.

I own one long dress that I picked up in Portland last summer that I’m trying to wear more to embrace the trend.  Plus wearing pants STINKS.

Here are some dresses that have piqued my interest lately.


1. Crocheted back Farrah maxi dress on Fred Flare – $64

2. Dress that Launched 1,000 Ships in Dusk from ModCloth – $149.99

3. Spellbound Maxi Dress from Anthropologie – $358.00


One Response to “Play Dress Up – To Maxi or Not to Maxi”

  1. Mama Wants 3 May 2011 at 7:28 am #

    I love the maxi dress. The important thing to remember is that with the maxi, b/c your legs are covered, you can show a bit of the ta’s. So, find something that shows those bad boys off and you are ready to go!

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