Garden Glory – Repurposed Planters

4 May

Last month I came across a post from the blog Poppytalk about Garden Inspiration.  I get a number of great ideas from this site – this post was a call to action for me because of this image from Potted:

For $69.00 you can order a Potted Tackle Box Planter with succulents.

I had a similar idea that I’ve been putting off for a few weeks now.  Nate was given his Grandpa Jolly’s old tool box along with a larger, newer one that is perfect for our garage.  We weren’t quite sure what to do with it in the meantime, but couldn’t bear to throw it away.

The plan is to spruce it up with some paprika-colored spray paint and plant some gorgeous blossoms in it, giving an old piece with a lot of sentimental value new life.

Harper says to stay tuned for the result!


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