Play Dress Up: My Post-Apocalyptic Wish List

25 May

Thoughts of the Rapture on Saturday had me think of what I would need to survive – of course this is all rather superficial because I would certainly need electricity and some other creature comforts.  Please….I always need to blow dry my hair…always.  Now that we have until October I’m feeling a bit better about procuring items on my list.

First off I need a satchel to carry my loot with me.  Since I have a passion for pockets, this Fossil Bag is a must, must have.  If zombies or other predators were to attack or be on the prowl, I chose gray for urban camouflage (plus it goes with everything!).

My favorite leggings are Simply Vera from Kohls – for the low, low price of $20 you get full coverage leggings — not the see-through and expose your gotchies type.  They are breathable and comfy in the event you’re on your feet a lot.

To stay speedy and cute, everyone should own my favorite pair of Keds.

During these times of uncertainty we may need to pack light so here we can combine two of my faves…chunky necklaces and scarves.

If you need to make a quick getaway I recommend my fab beach cruiser — be sure to get a basket to hold your treasures though!

Don’t forget to write down all your thoughts for when the world is repopulated and they find your journal.

Come on, if we’re gonna go, we might as well go in style.

…I also recommend chapstick and sunblock…

1. Fossil Vintage Reissue Tote 2. Simply Vera Wang Solid Leggings 3. Keds Champion Canvas Originals 4. Anthropologie Voluminous Scarf Necklace 5. Six Three Zero Classic Edition Women’s 3-Speed 6. Paper Source Bicycle Spiral Notebook


2 Responses to “Play Dress Up: My Post-Apocalyptic Wish List”

  1. ALICE IN DESIGNLAND 30 May 2011 at 1:50 pm #

    The Fossil bag is really cute!

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