Crafty: Crochet Hopes

2 Jun

I have mastered (I should use that term loosely) the chain stitch in crochet.  I’m still working on the single crochet, let’s not even think about double crochet or any other fancy crochet work.

I know what I want to make despite the fact I haven’t even tried making a washcloth.  My Momma recommended checking out some simple patterns to just get going.  Momma knows some of the stitches, but hasn’t crocheted regularly in years.  When I was in Buffalo we picked up The Easy Learn to Crochet in Just One Day.  The instructions are clear to understand and pick up quickly.  It’s helpful for me to see how something is done because I tend to over-analyze directions.  YouTube has a great variety of videos demonstrating the basic crochet stitches.

Another site Momma recommended was Lion Brand Yarns for the patterns but NOT the yarn.  Momma and her friends belong to a prayer shawl ministry that donates shawls that are blessed for church parishioners that are ill or suffering.  Unfortunately when they used Lion Brand yarn, the shawls fell apart in the wash.

Here are some items that are inspirational to work toward.  The Hubs would tell me to get off the computer and get crackin’!

Luna Lovegood Scarf from em ay kay ee

Crocheted Lion from Thompson Family-Life

Hoppy Baby Frog by Jaime in the Sky

Stroller Blanket by Doddlebug Crochet

Owl Mary Jane Slipper Pattern by Angels Chest

Bit of Happiness by Bits of Blossoms

Layered Necklace by Keeping It Chic


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