A Look Back…

10 Jun

The Hubs and I had a fabu time on our little getaway.  It’s amazing to see how fast a year has gone by.  We’re celebrating 370 days of Wedded Bliss today!

When we planned our wedding we knew we did not want something traditional, but not completely off-the-wall.  I had to pinky swear that I would at least wear a white or ivory dress and not come out with something outrageous (I had my mind set on a pale yellow one pre-promise).  The Hubs and I wanted to ensure a great time was had by all and frankly if you left hungry or sober, it was your own damn fault (unless you were with baby, then we had you covered with a ton of desserts to nosh on…).

Early on I was inspired by a Martha Stewart Wedding magazine spread, and from there I was hooked.  Honestly I did not fall into the trap of purchasing countless magazines, and I was lucky to have some books handed down to me to answer some of those crazy questions that pop up when planning.  (I’ve since paid it forward and shared them with another bride…Share the Wealth!)

My favorite color is kelly green, and the Hubs is quite possibly the biggest Oregon Duck fan.  What a better way to capture both by paying a subtle homage to the color schemes.  Right off the bat, here is where Martha Stewart stepped in — we had our color direction: Perfect Wedding Color Palette – Green and White.

We also had our perfect venue – The Pearl Street Grill and Breweryin Buffalo, NY, my hometown.  Our goal was to minimize travel for our guests – the majority of who came from out of town.  What a better way then to open the bar early, get hitched and party in one spot.

Here are some details from our special and unique day.

Thanks to Kate everyone knew I was the Soon-to-Be Mrs. Jolly.

Here’s a sneak peek of my dress.  I had no expectation of what I was going to wear – it could have been a ball gown or maybe 50s-style and short…then I found this Mori Lee gown online.  I looked at it every day for weeks until my Mom and I came upon it at a bridal shop here in San Jose.  I was the first person to try the sample on, and it was love at first sight.  After trying on a dozen, I knew it was the one when my Mom burst out in tears when I turned the corner – BINGO!  Proceeds from the purchase of the dress when to Breast Cancer Awareness – it was a beautiful way for me to do something special for my Grandma and Aunt who couldn’t join us for our big day.

Flowers were one of those details that if we had an unlimited budget I would have loved to go nuts on, but reality set in and I took a different approach.  I had a very small budget, but what helped was that I didn’t want any typical wedding flowers – translation: savings.  I had our florist do her thing without too much input from me – am I glad I did.  She added little stones to the fuji mums for something a little special.  My Auntie gave me a lucky bouquet angel for the Big Day.

Here is an idea that I swiped from a blog, but unfortunately I can’t find the link to send you to their site!  This was our ring “pillow” or book in this case.  We didn’t have a ring bearer, but wanted something neat for our rings for the Best Man to carry – plus it was a nod to my love of books (it pained me to destroy it!).  One thing we overlooked was that we bought this book in the clearance section of Barnes and Noble and grabbed it because of the title: The Geography of Bliss…..by Eric WEINER – *giggle*

I would also like to to say when I say We I mean it — it’s not the Royal We, but rather the Hubs and I made almost all of the decisions together.  He was truly involved with coming up with ideas or shooting down mine that got a little wackadoodle.

Our wedding present from Pedro and Marisol was an amazing poster of US!  It is just the neatest thing – like a concert poster for our wedding.  They were nice enough to let us use it on our programs. It’s such a cool touch with the venue on the right and a picture of us from our engagement photo session.  A-MAZING!

I have to say I completely underestimated the sheer size of our venue.  The Martha Stewart tissue pom-poms we picked up from Michaels.  Here’s a tutorial if you would like to make them yourself — I bought the packages from the store, but we still had to put them together.  The Hubs and I chose to have a sweetheart table since we knew we wouldn’t sit there for long.  I originally thought the pom-poms would go over the dance floor, but they were scaled wrong.  Same with the candle lampposts in the back.  I thought they would work to frame our “altar” where we had our ceremony, but were dwarfed by the Hubs and my giant of a brother.

After viewing a million blogs with sensational tablescape ideas, I knew we could do something fun, but reasonable.  By reasonable I did not just factor in cost, but also time.  Would it be worth it to put in a number of man hours for something that would be tossed out afterward?  We took the idea from the Martha Stewart color palette and lined the tables with ribbon along the length of each one – different colors, patterns and widths.  My Mom and Dad tag-teamed the table numbers.  My Mom used her Cricut machine to make the numbers on different patterned paper, and Dad cut wine corks for the stand.  The centerpieces came from Pearl Street.  Natalie, the catering director, had a few options to choose from — we opted for an upside-down wine glass with a candle placed on the base, then a hurricane lamp on top.  Unusual, but simple — a very nice touch.

Here’s how our guests arrived — hoofing it up to the fourth floor.

This is how we welcomed them — with a customized floor decal. Visions in Vinyl on Etsy came up with this great idea.  We wanted one for the dance floor, but again didn’t factor in the giant size of the room.  Natalie decided to play it at the top of the stairs.  Heather from Visions in Vinyl designed this after I shared our wedding site with her — Nate proposed using a Scrabble board – she simply took the idea and ran with it.  The results were fantastic!

Our cake was made by a family friend, and it was beyond my expectations.  I wanted something simple, but again different.  I asked Christine if we could find a vintage stand — I have a beautiful green plate from one of my Aunties.  I thought maybe we could do a number of cakes on different plates, but then she found this online.  Not only did she work hard to find what I envisioned, but also made about a million daisies for it.

Here’s the magic she worked on the Hubs’ groom’s cake.  Like I said he’s the biggest Duck fan — he bought those cake toppers the day after we were engaged.

My favorite part about our wedding – other than marrying the love of my life of course – was that everyone got to be themselves.  My nephew changed into his Chucks after the ceremony — just perfect!  Our day wasn’t fussy or proper, but rather simply fun – a true celebration.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated our wonderful wedding with us in person and in spirit!  Wow I still cannot believe 370 days have passed…

Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane with me.



Our photographer was Erica Eichelkraut, the owner of City Lights Studio — she’s outstanding!


Dress Shop – Trudy’s – San Jose, CA

Florist – Petals to Please – Lancaster, NY

Venue and Catering – Pearl Street Grill and Brewery – Buffalo, NY

Hair and Make-Up – Advanced Body Care – Depew, NY

Photography – City Lights Studio – Buffalo, NY


3 Responses to “A Look Back…”

  1. Jodie 10 June 2011 at 7:43 am #

    Thanks for a look back at a great day. Happy First Anniversary!

  2. Julie 10 June 2011 at 7:48 am #

    It was SUCH a fun and beautiful day! In fact, the entire weekend was awesome….you should do a post about the whole wedding weekend, because that was part of the fun 🙂 …I can’t believe it’s been a year! Congratulations Jolly’s!

  3. Gregory Wahl 10 June 2011 at 8:29 am #

    We’ve been to a lot of weddings (JBJ, you can definitely attest to that) and yours was one of our favorites. Out of 30 or so we’ve been to together since our first way back in 2000, including our own, I would say yours was def Top Five. Let us know if you ever decide to recreate it! 🙂

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