Optimizing Space: Creating a Craft Nook in a Spare Room

15 Jun

The Hubs and I have a great townhouse, and recently we’ve been trying to optimize our space and use every inch of our home smartly.  We have an extra room (gosh I wish it was a rumpus room simply to say I have a rumpus room) that is behind our garage and houses our washer and dryer.  It is also the path to our backyard.  Originally we intended for it to be my office/craft room.  I have to be honest I was mostly freaked out to be there by myself at night — I have an overactive imagination for sure.  It ended up as a catch-all and truly wasted space.

Now we have an official MAN CAVE – the Hubs converted the downstairs room into an oasis with a mini-fridge and giant tv.  What else does he really need?

I moved my desk and craftiness upstairs to the spare room.  We have a lot of guests from in- and out-of-town believe it or not! We must keep our spare room as one, plus I can bring myself to get rid of my old bed, which is glorious — so glorious we affectionately call her Queenie.

The room is a bit cramped.  I need to figure out how to situate and organize the closet, which we also use for coats, suitcases and paperwork (I also stuff it chock full of bags, belts and scarves).  We’re still missing a night stand and spot for the tv (when it’s not being used in the Man Cave for a dual set-up).

Here’s some inspiration I found on the interwebs – I will say much of it is a pipe dream, but it’s fun to dream!

I love the idea of using clipboards or wooden pant hangars to display notes, cards, pictures and inspiration.

I’m a sucker for floor to ceiling whimsy, and this fits that bill.  Storage is certainly an issue in my room, AND I have a lot of treasures.

These boards are for more than just putting round pegs into — gasp at the organization.  I think this is a project for my Dad next time he visits – very convenient since he’ll be staying in the same room.  I won’t let him out until it’s done!

Nice – a custom corkboard to fit around the window – very clever.

Here is a great sentiment to keep the momentum going on the room…Have Fun and Craft On Lovelies!

1. Clipboard Room; 2. Sewing Nook; 3. Peg board; 4. Corkboard; 5. Craft on


3 Responses to “Optimizing Space: Creating a Craft Nook in a Spare Room”

  1. Cinnamon 15 June 2011 at 8:06 am #

    You can use your ANTIQUE JAR on the pegboard one! Shazam! Mama Jasper would be so proud!

  2. Madre' 29 June 2011 at 1:57 pm #

    Glad to hear Queenie stays! XOXO

  3. Miss Hillarino 15 July 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    The green & white wallpaper makes me burst with envy.

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