(Soon to be) Out and About: Pinnacles National Monument, CA

29 Jun

That’s the photo that did it — we were sold on the offer to go camping for the holiday with this majestic view from the Pinnacles National Monument.

We’re legit campers – ok not carry-all-your-belongings-on-your-back and use a compass, but we’re definitely tent campers who don’t shower, and I own a head lamp.  Totally legit, right?

I’m super excited for our next adventure, and Sunset Magazine made me even more so.  For those of you not familiar Sunset, I recommend checking it out online even though it has a Western US slant to it for those of you who haven’t made the pilgrimage to California…yet.   You can find recipes, road trips, gardening advice and decorating ideas – honestly enough to get you lost on their site for hours upon hours.

I think Harp, the Hubs and I have a few stops to make our our road trip Friday thanks to this article.   Super fun!

Photo Courtesy of Ben…Thanks Stupid!


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