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Optimizing Space – in your head, heart and house

28 Sep

My dear friend Katie sends a Quote of the Day via email daily.  It’s a nice read to have before you start your day to put you in the right frame of mind. In January she sent one that I haven’t been able to get out of my head or even archive in my Inbox.

Decide what makes you happy, then hold a yard sale for everything that doesn’t. – Unknown

So go ahead and purge the clutter – whether tangible or not.

Out and About: What I Did on My Summer Vacation

26 Sep

Ginger Jolly took a brief hiatus this summer – the Jollys were quite busy – although not all the time.  A Girl and her Pup need their beauty sleep.

We celebrated amazing nuptials, lounged on a house boat, welcomed The Hubs into the 30 Club, visited with family and friends on opposite coasts, camped in stiffling heat, cheered on the Ducks – oh and still had to work.

Summer vacation isn’t what it use to be when you were a kid, though sometimes I still think of the year as broken up into semesters.  I guess some habits are hard to break even when you’re 10 years out of school.

Despite still having to clock 40+ hours of work each week The Hubs, Harper and I had a fantastic summer.

We hiked in a cave with real live bats and had to use headlamps.

Me and Cinnamon ON A BOAT. (Thanks Deb!)

I wore a bubushka to channel my inner Grandma in Buffalo.

Jen and I spent some Quality Time breaking it down on the dance floor in honor of Jon and Cait – CONGRATS!

The Hubs turned 30, and it was quite the exciting affair – just ask Mrs. Hillarino.

The Jollys have Team Spirit – Geaux Ducks!

Now it’s time to celebrate Fall – I wonder what adventures await us?

Play Dress Up: I want to be Laverne

22 Sep

Is it wrong that I have a strong desire (urge, wish?) to stitch a cursive “J” on EVERYTHING I own?  EVERYTHING.

Photo source

Unintentional Faces, Creating Unintentional Smiles

16 Sep

Isn’t it a happy accident when you stumble across an inanimate object that looks like a face or is it just me?  Today when getting ready I had a bit of a zone-out and smiled thinking how the the outlet looked so darn happy.  I couldn’t help but smile.

Here are some smiles for you…

I’m such a surprised plug connector!

Mail is tasty!

Hurray!  I’m a chair!

Paying energy bills is fun!

You’re welcome!

1. Connector; 2. Mailbox; 3. Chair; 4. Meters

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