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Better to be Safe than Sorry

31 Mar

Security is how I keep the lights on and the dog fed.  On I came across the American Design Club’s series on Objects for Defense and Protection.

Here’s a very fashionable hip way to stay relatively safe or just artsy.

I believe you could fend off a robber with this cork gun when he starts laughing hysterically at you.  Stick ’em up.

Deflection is another key – make yourself a less desirable target.

Go incognito in a pizza parlor with these throwing slices.

Who needs a panic room when you can seal yourself in anywhere?

Sources: Cork Gun (Objectshop); Defensemat (by Reed Wilson); Single Ninja Throwing Slice (Steph Mantis Design); Who’s There Chair (Daniel Ballou)


Shopping Spree: Write in Style

29 Mar

I recently learned of a fascinating mind quirk called hypergraphia – the overwhelming compulsion to write.

My day is full of lists, emails and lengthy reports – maybe even the occasional doodle.  I don’t fall into this category but firmly believe if you fill up two notebooks within two days or simply jot a few reminders, it should be done in style.


The Curious Pancake – My Rubbish/Great Ideas Notebook – $8

Paper Source – One Word a Day – $16.95

Anthropologie – Latigo Journal – $48

The Tiny Fig – I Heart Doodles Pocket Notebook – $5

Amazon – Post-It Note Holder and Pen – $12.94

Chronicle Books – Bon Voyage Travel Journal – $16.95

Whimsical Musings: Let Go

27 Mar

Sources: Photo; Quote – thanks to Katie’s “Quote of the Day” 

Sunday is for Simplicity

25 Mar

Sources: Power in Positivity; Dandelion; Keds; Larkin Sofa; Coastal Entrance

Sunday is for Simplicity

11 Mar

Photo sources: beautiful; STOP; garden; bicycle dress; rain or shine

Could this be the key?

10 Mar

I love the prospects a weekend brings.  I can craft, shop, read, nap, clean, or veg on the couch.  Wonderful.

Photo source

Doggone It!

8 Mar

Let’s be real for a second – dogs are the best, particularly one Mr. Harper Robbledog.  I have never been much of a pet person, especially as an adult I never thought I would own one — not even a fish.

Now with Harper I have a true soft spot for all dogs.  I cannot watch the Humane Society commercials – I have no choice but to press mute and close my eyes or change the channel – otherwise I will be one giant mess in a puddle of tears.

Pups bring so much joy whether you can cuddle with one right now or not.  Here is a dog extravaganza.

Dogs in Cars

Underwater Photos of Dogs

Food on My Dog 

Maddie the Coonhoud: A Super Serious Project about Dogs and Physics 

Subaru hit the jackpot on dog commercials.

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