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Did you ever notice…

6 Mar

…that rich people use analog clocks?

The Hubs and I picked up a new car this weekend.  You have a lot of time on your hands during the process.  I had to keep myself entertained so I kept myself entertained.  We came across the Hyundai Equus and check out the dash –

This is my dream come true – I love anything that tells me the time, but even more when there are hands.

Now I have this tune in my head.  You’re welcome.


I Mustache…

8 Jan

I’m fairly confident that these glasses will be the key to 2012.

Welcome 2012!

6 Jan

I have a great feeling about 2012 — I have yet to accidentally write or type 2011 in five days (knock on wood).

I am usually not one for resolutions because I am poor at follow-through.  It gave me a novel idea — why don’t I work on follow-through…and here you find me back at Ginger Jolly.

So far I have made the bed every day – I find that to be quite the boon.  My clothes are hanging in the closet rather than wrinkled in a hamper.  I’ve eaten breakfast each morning.


What are you resolutions?

Typography Resolutions

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