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Play Dress Up: Vegas Getaway

3 Jun

On Sunday the Hubs and I celebrate ONE YEAR of Blissful Marriage!  To celebrate we’re off to Vegas for the weekend.  Unfortunately there are no plans to renew our vows with Elvis – maybe in 24 more years.

Las Vegas means a number of different things to people.  For me I love the glitz and glamour of what it was – the nostalgia of an era before my time.

Our plan is to dabble a little in some gambling, lay by the pool, enjoy some people watching, dine fabulously and catch a show.  I’m not one to get all decked out in club gear, but I’d like to find a few items that are special with a little added spice.

Perfect for our anniversary dinner at Craftsteak – close enough to ivory like my wedding dress.

Your Breezy Charms Dress – Modcloth

Let’s see a show with this light and flirty number.

Hy & Dot Open Back Dress – South Moon Under

I have an adorable white eyelet tank that would go perfectly with these cutesy shorts.

Judith March Pique Bird Shorts – South Moon Under

Let’s talk pool and cocktails – can you picture this with a straw floppy hat?  I love the high-waisted bottoms.

Retro Dot – J. Crew

I’m intrigued by the romper – it looks so comfy and chic.

Pin-up Romper – J. Crew

It gets chilly in those casinos, so sleeves are necessary.

Saint James Meridien II Tee – Madewell


Play Dress Up: My Post-Apocalyptic Wish List

25 May

Thoughts of the Rapture on Saturday had me think of what I would need to survive – of course this is all rather superficial because I would certainly need electricity and some other creature comforts.  Please….I always need to blow dry my hair…always.  Now that we have until October I’m feeling a bit better about procuring items on my list.

First off I need a satchel to carry my loot with me.  Since I have a passion for pockets, this Fossil Bag is a must, must have.  If zombies or other predators were to attack or be on the prowl, I chose gray for urban camouflage (plus it goes with everything!).

My favorite leggings are Simply Vera from Kohls – for the low, low price of $20 you get full coverage leggings — not the see-through and expose your gotchies type.  They are breathable and comfy in the event you’re on your feet a lot.

To stay speedy and cute, everyone should own my favorite pair of Keds.

During these times of uncertainty we may need to pack light so here we can combine two of my faves…chunky necklaces and scarves.

If you need to make a quick getaway I recommend my fab beach cruiser — be sure to get a basket to hold your treasures though!

Don’t forget to write down all your thoughts for when the world is repopulated and they find your journal.

Come on, if we’re gonna go, we might as well go in style.

…I also recommend chapstick and sunblock…

1. Fossil Vintage Reissue Tote 2. Simply Vera Wang Solid Leggings 3. Keds Champion Canvas Originals 4. Anthropologie Voluminous Scarf Necklace 5. Six Three Zero Classic Edition Women’s 3-Speed 6. Paper Source Bicycle Spiral Notebook

Play Dress Up – Holiday Party Time

9 Nov

Holiday Party time is right around the corner.  You deserve a new dress after all that turkey basting and Christmas shopping.  There are many cute options this season that fulfill the oh-so-cute requirement, but the must-have feature has to be THE POCKET.  Where else will you keep your saucy red lipstick?

The first option I swooned over is the Flutterby Dress from ModCloth, reasonably priced at $69.99.  It would be amazing with sparkle tights or a pair of killer glitter pumps for added flair.

The second is a bit more sassy and casual – the Dappled and Darling Dress from ModCloth for $49.99.  A pair of opaque tights and a bejeweled (or bedazzled) sweater would jazz this cutie up.

Lastly we have the Polina dress from Kirribilla for the low, low price of $440.  Maybe a little out of range for some of us this season, but ADORABLE.  I also love the idea of jewel tones for a holiday pallet.

These options definitely give the tacky Christmas sweater a run for its money.

Remember ‘tis the season to be JOLLY!

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